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The um Teleprompter vs Hand Scribble

February 8, 2010

There has been lots of blogging over the weekend about Palin having notes on her hand. It probably wouldnt be an issue if there was not so much critism about Obama and his teleprompter.

The critisism against Obama is not because he uses a teleprompter. All presidents and most politicians do. The critisism is from the chasm that seperates the quality uh of um his um speehces uh off the prompter and on the prompter. Even his handlers notice it because his prompter is ALWAYS used now.

The other disconcerting aspect is that when corpsman was mispronounced it was clear that the speech was written by a third party.

Palin put some notes on her hand – not exactly the most professional way to answer questions.  On the other hand, at least we know SHE wrote the notes. Writing on her hand is just something else that Middle America can relate to.