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C’mon Mike, Stop the Spin

February 3, 2010

I was listening to Mike Gallagher today and he was asserting that Obama was telling the American people not to visit Vegas. He read the quote many times and omitted the last sentence – the one that puts it into context. It was an analogy. Obama was comparing buying boats and taking vacations to Vegas to  luxurious expenditures that should be omitted in tough times. He was not telling the American People to stop going to Vegas in tough times.

Now the mayor of Vegas and the Governor of Nevada also handled it the wrong way. They should have come out and said, “Of course Vegas is a Luxury that people should undertake when they have a little extra cash and want to have a good time.”  But instead they focused on the negative message…Dont go to Vegas if you are feeling a little pinch. And they are getting the exact negative press they are trying to avert.

Obama? He is simply a Hypocrite. Talking about tightening belts while increasing the budget, deficit, and dept to record levels.

C’mon Mike. Lets talk about the hypocrisy. No need to take it out of context to prop up Vegas… when you are really (and ironically)  making the Vegas image worse.