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As Dems Drop Out, Campaign Contributions Should Drop

February 16, 2010

Along with news that the latest Democrat to quit is Senator Bayh comes the news that his campaign war chest was up to a staggering 13 million dollars. That is 13 million dollars from supporters that he asked for money from. Did he raise that money saying that he hadn’t decided whether or not to run? How would you feel if you donated money to him – only to have him quit?

When George Bush proclaimed “Read my lips no new taxes,” he got elected. When he went back on that promise, he became unelectable. There are few events and few broken promises that can make someone unelectable. The Democrats are discovering that a vote for the Louisiana Purchase and Cornhusker Kickback personifies backroom deals and dirty politics. In some states this makes them unelectable. In an effort to save the seat for the party, candidates are dropping. When the candidate drops, the money can’t be given to another candidate, so it is saved for a future race in most cases. In other words, Poof… that money is out of this election and the new candidate has to start over.

 Bayh’s quitting was a 13 million dollar blow to the Democrats.

At a minimum! How easy will it be for another Democrat senator to raise funds? Prime example – Michael Benett of Colorado might discover that his fund-raising just got tougher. He has raised a few million dollars. He is in a “purple” state – Colorado. He voted for the Cornhusker Kickback and the Louisiana Purchase. He was appointed (never elected) by Governor Ritter – one of the Democrats that has seen the writing on the wall and quit. He is pretty far behind Norton in the latest polls and falling. He also has the advantage of having a strong Democrat challenging him in the primary, so if he quits, the Democrats have a chance of keeping the seat. Benett is a prime candidate to be the next Democrat quitter.

So if you are a Democratic Supporter, the question is “Would you give this guy any money?”