Who Is This Bagzzz Guy?

Here we go… a midterm election coming up and an exciting political landscape… So I am jumping in. A little about me. I am a business owner and an inventor. I have served 8 years in the Air Force and have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA. I consider myself a moderate libertarian. In the 60’s I would have been a Liberal, because I agreed with that party on the issues of the day I would have considered most critical. Now I am a Republican – because the social issues are pretty much wrapped up needing little more than fine tuning, and the crucial  issues of the day are economic.

Why am I a moderate Libertarian?

1)Because I wouldn’t release everyone from prison who is there on drug related charges. They knew they were breaking the current law – even though society would benefit if most of the drug laws were repealed.

2)Because I am not an isolationist. Not that Libertarians are, but the perception is that extreme Libertarians are isolationists, so it is just easier to label myself as a moderate Libertarian.

3)Because I would not sell the National Parks to pay off the National Debt. Nor would I sell the highways and make all roads into toll roads. These are clearly views of Libertarians that would severely restrict freedom. Even in the most autocratic of societies, people could freely move about.

So that is me in a nutshell. Looking forward to talking about issues of the day!!!


One Response to “Who Is This Bagzzz Guy?”

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