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As Dems Drop Out, Campaign Contributions Should Drop

February 16, 2010

Along with news that the latest Democrat to quit is Senator Bayh comes the news that his campaign war chest was up to a staggering 13 million dollars. That is 13 million dollars from supporters that he asked for money from. Did he raise that money saying that he hadn’t decided whether or not to run? How would you feel if you donated money to him – only to have him quit?

When George Bush proclaimed “Read my lips no new taxes,” he got elected. When he went back on that promise, he became unelectable. There are few events and few broken promises that can make someone unelectable. The Democrats are discovering that a vote for the Louisiana Purchase and Cornhusker Kickback personifies backroom deals and dirty politics. In some states this makes them unelectable. In an effort to save the seat for the party, candidates are dropping. When the candidate drops, the money can’t be given to another candidate, so it is saved for a future race in most cases. In other words, Poof… that money is out of this election and the new candidate has to start over.

 Bayh’s quitting was a 13 million dollar blow to the Democrats.

At a minimum! How easy will it be for another Democrat senator to raise funds? Prime example – Michael Benett of Colorado might discover that his fund-raising just got tougher. He has raised a few million dollars. He is in a “purple” state – Colorado. He voted for the Cornhusker Kickback and the Louisiana Purchase. He was appointed (never elected) by Governor Ritter – one of the Democrats that has seen the writing on the wall and quit. He is pretty far behind Norton in the latest polls and falling. He also has the advantage of having a strong Democrat challenging him in the primary, so if he quits, the Democrats have a chance of keeping the seat. Benett is a prime candidate to be the next Democrat quitter.

So if you are a Democratic Supporter, the question is “Would you give this guy any money?”


The um Teleprompter vs Hand Scribble

February 8, 2010

There has been lots of blogging over the weekend about Palin having notes on her hand. It probably wouldnt be an issue if there was not so much critism about Obama and his teleprompter.

The critisism against Obama is not because he uses a teleprompter. All presidents and most politicians do. The critisism is from the chasm that seperates the quality uh of um his um speehces uh off the prompter and on the prompter. Even his handlers notice it because his prompter is ALWAYS used now.

The other disconcerting aspect is that when corpsman was mispronounced it was clear that the speech was written by a third party.

Palin put some notes on her hand – not exactly the most professional way to answer questions.  On the other hand, at least we know SHE wrote the notes. Writing on her hand is just something else that Middle America can relate to.

The Bagzzz Healthcare Plan

February 5, 2010

With ideas and rejections of ideas from both sides, along with a few Ideas that are not being discussed, below is a quick summary of a comprehensive health care plan.

1) Get the third party payers out as much as possible. I dont care if you are talking about a single payer or multiple insurance companies. If you dont pay for your health care, you have no incentive to keep costs down. Our family has a choice of a standard policy for $500 a month or a $5000 deductible catastrophic policy for under $100 a month. We chose the latter. We put $350 into a HSA and within 2 years have no risk of even losing the $5000. When I go to the doctor and he wants to give me a test (or an aspirin) I ask how much does it cost? He is then forced to justify the cost for everything.  The doctor loves it because he gets paid with my HSA debit card that day and he doesn’t have to fill out insurance paperwork.

2)Stop limiting the number of students into medical school. Set up standards and stick to them. If an extra million students can pass the standards and the medical schools have the room to squeeze them in, let them in. The Government has no business putting a quota on medical students or interns.

3) Tort Reform. I would not go as far as loser pay every time, because sometimes there are reasonable arguments on both sides that should be hammered out in court, but there should be a frivolity standard that requires loser pay – plus damages. That would limit frivolous lawsuits.

4)State Reciprocity. This should be done voluntarily between the states and the Federal Govt should stay away. That way states with higher standards can keep them and all insurance companies wont flee to the state with the laws that benefit the insurer at the expense of the insured. States should set up reciprocity the way they do with conceal carry laws or driving records.

The above recommendations will lower costs, now lets tackle the issue of the uninsured and uninsurable. To begin with I have real problems with requiring people to buy health insurance, but I have even bigger problems with Government confiscating money from me and then spending it on a policy I would never buy. If we agree as a society that we are a rich society and not having health insurance is a burden on society, I am willing to compromise.

5)Make insurance mandatory, but at the most minimal level. Catastrophic insurance can be bought for as little as $50 a month. Of course there will be a huge deduction, but that deduction will not ruin your life forever.  That is the most society should force on a human being. That protects society from large losses due to uncovered people and allows the maximum amount of personal freedom to individuals. The penalty for not having insurance is $2000 and put all fines into the current Medicaid system with one exception: A very high deduction of say $10,000. Make the “Government Option” the least desirable. For people who can’t afford $50 a month there is Medicaid. Dont change that. Anyone who does not qualify for Medicaid can afford $50 a month.That is less than 6 hours work at minimum wage.  Health Insurance is not a right, it is a personal responsibility. The beauty of this plan is that if you choose not to own up to your responsibilities and expect Government to take care of you, you will get exactly what you ask for and deserve. The people who are truly in need and require the safety net are taken care of – as they always have been.

6)Older people can’t get $50 a month catastrophic coverage. I understand that. But they can get pretty close to that until they are covered by medicare. I am not proposing any changes in medicare, so they will not be affected.

7)Don’t let insurance companies drop someone who gets sick. This handles the issue of uninsurability. Since everyone is insured and can’t get dropped, uninsurable people become non existant.

8)Any plan with any preferences to any state or any congressional district, any group like unions, or any other politically motivated deal not in the interest of Society as a whole  is subject to immediate veto.


February 4, 2010

Let’s start at the beginning. Caveman days. No wealth. A guy had to work 14 hour days to gather food and build shelter and he had nothing to show for it. When he couldn’t work 14 hours a day, he died.

Then came tools. These were the first wealth builders. They allowed man to do the same thing in less time. He was still poor, but he was wealthier. He didn’t have to work 14 hours so his wealth took the form of leisure time.

Jump to the dark ages when Monarchs had castles and leisure time while the people toiled in poverty.

Jump to the industrial revolution.  People harnessed energy and transformed it into wealth. People who knitted by hand got fired, but wealth was created.  This progressed to the 1970’s where everyone had a TV and leisure time to use it. Everyone in this nation shares in the wealth whether they produce or not.

Then we had the 80’s and wealth began to stagnate. The GDP was on a plateau. The savior? The 90s started to realize the potential of Computers. A computer could do the job of 5 people. Architects and engineers replaced 6 draftsmen with one draftsman and a CAD station. Accountants replaced 3 bookkeepers with a computer and turbotax. Clinton claimed credit for the increased efficiencies and Gore claimed credit for inventing the internet.

Now we are at a crossroads and we are being told that the new energy economy will save us the way computers or other technical advances did. I have one question though. What are the increased efficiencies? Is it easier to build a windmill or burn a lump of coal? The answer is simple. It is easier and more efficient to burn the coal. That is proved by the cost. It is cheaper to burn coal therefore it is more efficient.

It might be cleaner to build the windmill. The CO2 produced constructing the windmill is astounding and reflected in the cost. Even so, new energy is currently less efficient. In the future it will be more difficult to extract coal and oil and it will become more efficient to use new energy, but even then it will be less efficient than what we have now. therefore do not expect a boost to the economy.

So don’t look to the new energy economy to get us out of the recession. In fact it is just the opposite. The new energy economy is doublespeak for “Forced inefficiencies by the government” These inefficiencies can only hurt the economy.

If there were economic benefits from the “New Energy Economy,” the current government would be wise to do nothing but sit back and take the credit for it.

C’mon Mike, Stop the Spin

February 3, 2010

I was listening to Mike Gallagher today and he was asserting that Obama was telling the American people not to visit Vegas. He read the quote many times and omitted the last sentence – the one that puts it into context. It was an analogy. Obama was comparing buying boats and taking vacations to Vegas to  luxurious expenditures that should be omitted in tough times. He was not telling the American People to stop going to Vegas in tough times.

Now the mayor of Vegas and the Governor of Nevada also handled it the wrong way. They should have come out and said, “Of course Vegas is a Luxury that people should undertake when they have a little extra cash and want to have a good time.”  But instead they focused on the negative message…Dont go to Vegas if you are feeling a little pinch. And they are getting the exact negative press they are trying to avert.

Obama? He is simply a Hypocrite. Talking about tightening belts while increasing the budget, deficit, and dept to record levels.

C’mon Mike. Lets talk about the hypocrisy. No need to take it out of context to prop up Vegas… when you are really (and ironically)  making the Vegas image worse.

Hello world! Is there such a thing as a moderate Libertarian?

February 2, 2010

Here we go… a midterm election coming up and an exciting political landscape… So I am jumping in. A little about me. I am a business owner and an inventor. I have served 8 years in the Air Force and have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA. I consider myself a moderate libertarian. In the 60’s I would have been a Liberal, because I agreed with that party on the issues of the day I would have considered most critical. Now I am a Republican – because the social issues are pretty much wrapped up needing little more than fine tuning, and the crucial  issues of the day are economic.

Why am I a moderate Libertarian?

1)Because I wouldn’t release everyone from prison who is there on drug related charges. They knew they were breaking the current law – even though society would benefit if most of the drug laws were repealed.

2)Because I am not an isolationist. Not that Libertarians are, but the perception is that extreme Libertarians are isolationists, so it is just easier to label myself as a moderate Libertarian.

3)Because I would not sell the National Parks to pay off the National Debt. Nor would I sell the highways and make all roads into toll roads. These are clearly views of Libertarians that would severely restrict freedom. Even in the most autocratic of societies, people could freely move about.

So that is me in a nutshell. Looking forward to talking about issues of the day!!!